The journey begins

The journey begins

In a joint project, Leistritz Pumpen GmbH and Sobek Motorsport want to find out how to increase the performance and range of e-mobility. They are starting where efficient cooling can ensure maximum performance: in the thermal management of the battery. This is precisely where the thermal influences on the energy storage system must be efficiently controlled and regulated in order to unleash the maximum potential of this technology.

An unbeatable combination: screw pump technology meets motorsport power

The team of Leistritz and Sobek is optimally positioned for this task. Leistritz brings years of experience in screw pump manufacturing, which has already proven itself in many areas. Sobek provides the necessary motor power to get the COOLFLOW pump up to speed.

The Plan

First, the performance data of the test car are measured and later compared with the results when the COOLFLOW unit will be built in. In addition, common pump technologies will be compared with Leistritz screw pump technology in an elaborate procedure.We are looking forward to the results!

Cooling at full speedCOOLFLOW on the Road

Accompany us on the way ahead from innovation to implementation. We take you with us on our trip.

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